I ordered the elation kit a few weeks before I had the mundo frame
delivered. My worry then was that the oval shaped frame was too wide for the elation mount. At least is was according to my measurements and the elation website. However this week I finally received the elation kit and it just and I mean just seems to fit!

might need to add a link or 2 to the chain link straps so the bolts reach the nylock in the nuts

More will follow but a test fit was pretty encouraging.

Next dealing with some of the mundos frame issues!


4 Responses to “Elated!”

  1. Carl Franz Says:

    Hello Mark,

    I’m pleased that you’re doing your own blog and look forward to all of the (gory?) details of your Elation install. I assume that you are aware of the many Australian Elation users on Endless-Sphere but if not, that is the mother lode for ebike advice. There are several Mundo builds being documented there — in fact, I quoted your recent post on Long Walk To Green in one of the Mundo threads. I’ve asked Allan at Elation about the 500watt kit for America but he’s sold so few that I can’t be sure if it matches my needs for serious long hill climbs. Anyway, I’m looking forward to your own review of the Elation.

    cheers, Carl

  2. keller74 Says:

    Thanks Carl! When I spoke with Allan re the Elated Mundo his main concerns were range limits (solved with another battery) and that the motor has a thermal overload cutout which could get annoying if you have long hills to climb.

    I’ve been riding a 200watt hub motor and found it good for the up and down terrain of inner Sydney (steep but usually short hills). Having said that I did melt the hall sensor wiring in mine so I guess I was getting it a bit hot!

    I hope the elation will perform better running through the gears but only time will tell. The elation kit is a great well resolved end user product. More aimed at the average consumer than the home tinkerer. So i recon if I was in the “land of the free” I would be tempted to have a few more than 500watts on a mundo and a big hub motor or cyclone kit would be on my shortlist.


  3. A72 Says:


    My second Yuba (V3) has arrived, and it feels lighter than V2, but unfortunately I can’t put a second stokemonkey on this Yuba, as the gear cable for the front derailler has moved. I see that you have the Elation system – and I was thinking about this system.

    So my question is: in terms of hill climbing – does it help much – clearly the stokemonkey eats hills however this mean setting the power above the legal limit (sub-optimal). Thoughts? Where we live is a lot more hilly than Sydney


    • keller74 Says:

      From my memory the stoke monkey is 500 watt and the elation is 200 watts. Although these ratings are somewhat nominal as the elation can peak at a much higher output. But I guess the answer is there really there with the elation being less than half the stoke monkey. I haven’t ridden anything more than the nominal 200watts but as I tackle hills I do wish I had another couple of hundred.

      I think on a lighter bike the elation would fly up hills but with me (95kgs) the bike (30+Kgs?) and 2 boys and luggage (65Kgs) it certainly needs plenty of pedal assistance on steep hills. Under motor power alone on some hills the motor would not proceed without pedaling, even in the lowest gear. Also more than a few hundred meters would likely lead to the motor getting hot and tripping it’s thermal cutout protection but this hasn’t happened to me yet. It feels warm to hot after a steep hill.

      Having said all this and having ridden my other hub motor bike I still recon the elation is making the most possible out of the legal limit of 200 watts. And personally I want to stay legal, I have enough to worry about without getting sued for crashing into someone on an illegal bike.

      I really like the free wheel in the elation crank and not having the pedals turn when the motor is going. It helps taking off in an awkward positions, and motoring slowly through crowded areas.

      Have you considered running your front derailleur cable under your bottom bracket? I think most front derailleurs can operate from above or below mounting. Might require a couple cable stops to be mounted somehow. EDIT* Just looked at this and really not a good option from below due to the Mundos unique bottom bracket tube setup.* EDIT

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