grip of the quick release nut does not look great

Ok so the mundo frame. I could have got the whole bike, in all its version 3 glory, and many a night, chasing esoteric bike parts on the net, I wished I had! But where’s the fun in that. Also I was pretty sure I would upgrade all the bits on the bike so why pay for them?

My frame is orange and is a great colour (I’ve got a bit of an orange thing going at the moment..). It feels heavy to pickup all on it own and I’m glad I’ve got the new lighter design. The paint work looks Ok and the design with the oval frames looks different to other bikes and needs to be seen to be appreciated. I’ve not found a photo on the web that really shows how it looks in the flesh especially from the riders point of view.

The paint colour is good but it has been applied very thickly and sometimes bits like brazeons and threads are full of paint, making attaching things like deraillers and mudguards (fenders) annoyingly difficult. As mentioned elsewhere on the web, the welds look pretty chunky and have a few holes here and there. Ok for the price I guess (not counting the fairly stiff shipping fee to Australia!)

The rear dropouts. Well this is covered pretty well elsewhere on the web but briefly they are 14mm instead of a more common 10mm to allow a stronger axle to be fitted. I have fitted a 10 mm downhill wheel set with the Yuba 14mm adaptors and its seems Ok except I am nervous that there is not enough diameter in the quick release mechanism to bite into the side of the dropouts and hold it securely.

SO… I think I’m going to have the dropouts modified to suit 10mm. Might save a few headaches in the future if I need to change wheels. I can’t imagine this would be too expensive but it will be a drama to find somewhere to do it and get time to take it there and get it done.

In any case I think I’m going to need to find someone to do some welding, anyway as I’m now having a problem with the rear disc brake mount tabs. I have some dinner plate sized Avid BB7 203mm discs to fit (yes I think I did just get them because they look better…) and they are a great fit on the front fork. However, the back disc mount tab seems to be mounted too far back to allow the disc to slot into the caliper. Before you ask, yes I have got the correct adaptor and I have tired every combination I could think of.

The thing is if I mount the caliper further forward using only the front mount hole it lines up perfectly; so it seems someone at the factory had his/her welding jig upside down or something….annoying. But I guess one of the risks in getting lower production volume less mainstream frame.

**** EDIT UPDATE: it seems it is not that uncommon for forks and frames to have trouble with larger disk sizes.  So apologies to Yuba. – thanks Dave for the research on this*****

I’ve written to Yuba about this today and await a reply.

Other things to consider? Well it uses a threaded headset and stem which are not that easy to source and an oversized seatpost (man that seat post sizing thing is a minefield!). My seat post tube seemed to have had a knock or something and the seat post raises and lowers a bit unevenly. In the end I took it to my local bike shop (thanks Nick at Cheeky Transport in Newtown!) to have the headset stem and seat post fitted just to save the hassle of ordering the wrong size over the net.

So I guess tonight, with these little issues slowing down my build I am a little dark on the mundo but never fear it will be finished.

In fact I did have a deadline of next week when my boys start school to have the bike up running but I guess I’m back in my old car for a few more weeks.


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