Big is not beautiful.

So I’ve heard back from Ben at Yuba and it seems the adapter plate only works with a 185mm disc.

Ok I guess a 203mm rear disc is ridiculous overkill but I bought it on order from overseas and its not very practical to exchange it. It’s just annoying that Yuba say they have disc tabs and provide zero information to me about any size limit. Especially considering I ordered a frame not a complete bike.

I suppose its to do with the angle the tabs are mounted at. I wonder if not conforming to the IS standard had any negative effect on the brake performance?

Rant over.

**** EDIT UPDATE: it seems it is not that uncommon for forks and frames to have trouble with larger disk sizes.  So apologies to Yuba. – thanks Dave for the research on this*****

For my US readers this looks a bargain! But they don’t come in orange and they won’t ship to Australia.



2 Responses to “Big is not beautiful.”

  1. Carl Franz Says:


    You nailed me right between the eyes with this last post — I couldn’t resist a discount of almost $600 US for the bike I’ve always lusted after. I have just ordered the Big Dummy from the link you provided. Now I need to make a decision on a Cyclone to power the bike. Thanks so much for your help!


  2. Mark Says:

    Hey Carl welcome to the cargo cult! Yeah to access the BD frame alone in Australia it is about 2 thou. I ordered lots of parts from Jensen and the BD just kept getting cheaper everytime I looked.

    I’m sure my Mundo will work out great but I am stoked someone could take advantage of that deal!

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