Wheels are Spinergy Xyclone Discs, downhill mountain bike wheels. Expensive but I was convinced by the light weight and the fibre spoke technology. Also I was quoted a similar price for my local shop to build up some wheels from lesser components and with a heavier weight.

Of course all the strength iin the Spinergys is designed for 10 foot drops on the way down a mountain not 2 young boys 1 bloke and cargo on the way to school. I guess I hope the impact strength will translate into static strength.

Problems? These ones are disc only no vbrake track if i need to down grade at some point.

They have a very narrow rim (about 20mms) and are not really suited to the 2.35″ wide balloon tyres (Fat Franks) I plan to run. My concerns here are likely unfounded as after pumping up to 30psi and wheeling the bike around my garage with my 2 boys aboard they felt stable enough.

In fact I was amazed how stable the whole rig was to wheel around with all the weight, no seat, no handlebars and no pedals! It seems like the geometry of the Mundo frame just soaks up weight.

Lastly I still have the rear dropout issue referred to in previous posts. But thanks to Dave (http://civilizedconveyance.blogspot.com) for the inside running I am on the trail of a 10mm thru axle conversion and might save the mundo from the welder yet!


2 Responses to “Wheels”

  1. baker Says:

    Personally, I’d just try what you have and use the 10mm->14mm axle adapters. I’ve been running that config without issues, since I cranked down the q/r nice and tight. Make sure you use a regular q/r, not some fancy schmancy lightweight one (which tend to have less clamping force/bite). If you can’t get that to work, then look at alternate solutions.

    I bet those Spinergy’s will work fine and if they don’t, replace them when needed with the Spin Doctor DH setup.

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks Baker I checked your blog and it seems to be working Ok for you so I might do as you suggest and get a basic steel skewer (the Spinergy one is pretty light!) and run it as is.

    Spinergy say they don’t do a thru axle option and offered no suggestions on a compatible one. I might try and find a local Hadley dealer to check anyway sometime.

    I was going to put washers on the outside for more bite but that it would need a washer with small skewer sized hole to keep it in place and a longer skewer so as to keep the skewer thread in the “nylock” part of the nut.

    So all up thanks and yep I’ll see how it goes.

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