I guess it is the nature of documenting a project like this that it will appear to be a list of hiccups and problems. But really I’m enjoying the process.

Tonight I fitted a chain and tried to fit the side loaders. The Mundo uses about 1 and a half standard SRAM chains. Chain went on Ok. Used the large ring to large ring plus 1 inch fitting technique. but on middle chainring some gears  made the chain very seem loose. Will see how that one goes.

Side loaders – Well the side loaders arrived with the bolts screwed into them about a 1/4 inch, just so they didn’t get lost I guess. They were totally jammed and on removing one I bent it pretty badly so I’m on the hunt for some replacements. I tried to fit the other but found it impossible to start. I now feel in a small way for you guys who had to build up a V1 or V2.

Cranks –  These are the Elation 4 ring cranks. The chain guard seems to have been hot glued into place and fell off with one little touch of my foot. Looking for another option here too.

Handlebars – riser bars scavanged from one of my other bikes, heavy and a bit flexy but I like the position.

Brakes – waiting on a new 185mm set for the rear but I fitted the front. Tensioned the mount to the IS tabs and didn’t notice that the bolts went right through and were biting on the disc, slightly scratched a groove into the disc. I shimmed the bolts out with a couple of washers. I guess the Mundo mounting tabs are thinner than standard?

Seat is temporary I have a Brooks B67 on the way.

So I went for my first “ride”. No brakes, no gears, no worries! It rides great. it really does not feel a heavy bike to ride at all.

I was stuck in top gear and on cranking down on the pedals the rear wheel slipped in the dropouts a few times until I cranked down on the quick release alot tighter. I have some better longer skewers on the way too so will try and improve on this too soon.

Next, I’ll fit all the cables, when I can find my dremel tool…I hope to have it ridable in about 10 days or so depending on how many late nights I can manage!


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