Brake 2

I have a new 185mm rear disc for the rear of the Mundo. Word has it that the 185 BB7 works with a 203mm BB7 disc adapter.

So I test fitted with the 203mm plate and 185 disc. The pads do grip the disc  but not enough to slow the wheel to any extent.  My rotors are the BB7 Roundagon shape so it is possible that a perfectly round disc might seem to grip and work better but I doubt it would work well enough and you would still get uneven pad wear.

Ben at Yuba (after a few emails finally) has confirmed for me that the adapters they are sending me are custom made by yuba to suit the BB7 185 rotors. Adapters are $30- (brakes were onlyabout $60-). So it sounds hopeful that I’ll have rear brakes and a “Brake 3” post soon!

Why didn’t I just buy a 160mm disc….? Clearly I enjoy self flagulation.

I’ve got a spare 203mm BB7 Disc brake I’ll probably put on ebay. The Aussie dollar is so good that not counting shipping I’ll  likely get my money back! But let me know if you want to buy them $55Aus- free shipping in Australia!


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