As you may know the Mundo has those big 14mm dropouts on the rear.

I have had word form others that a well tightened quick release using the 14mm adapters will hold it just fine and mine did hold Ok eventually on a recent test run. However I thought I would try to devise some better means preventing the rear wheel slipping in the dropout.

Firstly, I looked on the net for some burly splined washers as I don’t have alot of time to get to bike shops except Saturday morning, which is not a good time at bike shops! But I think I will still try to source some of these at a local BMX place at some point.

The first issue with adding extra washers to a wheel with quick release (QR) skewers is that the skewer needs to be long enough to accept the extra width. The Mundo frame is already extra thick at the dropouts and this can limit the depth of bite a skewer bolt gets into the “nylock” bit of the  skewer nut.

I ordered some extra long skewers made by Halo called “porkies” made to fit bikes with thick dropouts (by thick I mean the thickness of the steel, not the extra big 14mm dropout slot). These are Ok about 5mm longer than standard but are all alloy for lightness, so I’ll keep looking for a steel alternative a well.

Also, a washer designed for a 14mm dropout has a huge hold in the middle compared to the thin QR skewer, so it might tend to float around a bit. I tried making my own washer from “Mudguard Washers”  which are big and have a smaller hole in the middle. I tried to punch divets into them, and drove holes into them in an effort to make a grippy surface, but really the metal was too weak and offered little extra grip when in position.

Finally I dug out a couple of large “cup washers” from my longboard skateboard gear ( http://www.skateboardracing.org.au/). It is alloy but the cup shape gives it rigidity. I drilled 2 holes to size and screwed in a couple of  “sprigs” from my new platform pedals. The sprigs bite into the frame offering grip (which can be adjusted with a small allen key), I might even drill a couple of shallow holes in the frame to give these some more grip. These are really like “tugnuts” without the tug!

Drawbacks could be the the light alloy washers tearing or the cup shape working “sled like” to negate the extra grip, however it test rode fine in a high gear standing up on the pedals applying lots of pulling force. We’ll see how it hold ups.


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2 Responses to “Dropout”

  1. Dave Says:

    I like the “tugnutes without the tug” concept, seems like it would work well. You might look for a non-QR skewer, basically just a long chromoly bolt that tightens up with a 5mm allen key. Also, the stock skewer should be fine even without getting many threads into the “nylock” part of the nut, it’s the steel threads that hold the wheel on!

  2. keller74 Says:

    Thanks Dave, I’ll keep and eye out for one of those skewers. As a skateboarder I am a bit paranoid about that nylock thing. When on a board Nylock nuts are all that stand between me and skin grafts.

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