I’m certainly getting pretty sick of driving to work.  We have to get a park and walk my little 3yo fella into the school. It was easier last year with my older boy and doing what we call “drive by” in Australia where you just pull up and they jump in or out (so yes for my US readers my son was involved in a “drive by” everyday!).

Anyway the whole drive by thing is getting old fast and can’t wait to make it ride by!

So I’m pretty much finished the Mundo save for the rear brake (waiting on the Yuba adapter) and the running boards and top deck (under construction) and I need to correctly tension the headset (I seem to need some very large and thin spanners for this so might get this looked at at the LBS).

So just a quick update on the electric Elation kit.

I fitted the Elation kit yesterday and really it fits like a glove! the bolts tension perfectly (you may remember I was worried about this in a previous post), the chain lines up great and the battery mounts…..well the battery mounts look like they should work well but my kit seems a bit incomplete. Missing some nuts or something, however I’m sure Allan at Elation will sort this out for me fine.

Elation looks like its made for tbe Mundo!

I’m surprised cyclone kit owners haven’t taken a lead from the Elation and built chain straps for their kits. They clearly work great and look easy enough to make with a couple of old bolts and some bike chain. The Elation does however have a nicely designed mounting plate which would be harder to knock up in the back shed.


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