Ok fenders if you insist.You know I found this one of the slowest and most fiddly jobs on the build so far. I work pretty slow but it took me a whole afternoon.

I have some Planet Bike 60mm full length plastic fenders and they look good but I guess I should have googled fenders and disc brakes before I started to fit them.

I suppose generally fenders and disc brakes don’t go together, fenders being a commuter thing and disc brakes being a down hill mountain bike thing.

The front has the common problem with the disc rotor getting in the way of the lower “stay”. I thought about bending the stay in a visually attractive manner around the disc (an old coat hanger works great to create template for this) but my stay wasn’t long enough to allow for all the bends. Check this for a nice how to guide.

In the end I used a 185mm BB7 disc brake post mount adapter for which I had no other use to extend the mounting point below the disc brake. So far this is working and looks Ok but I might need a bit of lock tight to keep the whole thing in place.

The rear was another matter. The rear should have two stays each side running up from the Mundo mounting points near the drop outs up to the mudguards.  When both stays and the mounting bolt are installed the whole thing protrudes in towards the wheel a fair bit. No prob on the right side but on the left it fouls the disc brake rotor ( this is likely no matter what size rotor you have by the way!).

The solution was to only run with one of the stays and attach the mudguard at other points, thankfully not a big issue on the Mundo with a couple of zip ties attaching to the rear carrier. However with the standard Planet Bike mounting bolts it still fouled the disc rotor. I dug out a low profile bolt and it now clears the rotor by 3 or 4 mm (actually I used a standard 1 inch skateboard truck mounting bolt, skateboard stuff comes in so handy!).

Drive side with standard bolt , no problem

Disc side with low profile skateboard bolt (blurry sorry!)

A small point but these 60mm guards look a bit  narrow for the Fat Frank tyres when viewed from the top, but it’s only an aesthetic thing, I’m sure they’ll function fine.  In general however I love the look of the black guards, wheels and tyres and think they highlight the orange frame nicely.

Lastly you need to mount rear guard as high as you can or the top of the chain line may catch the guard in very low gears. They have a cutout to suit in that position you just have to watch out how high you mount it . In fact my chain pretty much touches the side of my rear tyre in low gears, A factor of having a long frame I guess.  It’s not too bad especially as my tyres have no knobbly tread to catch the chain; the only solution I can see would be narrower tyres or a slightly wider bottom bracket.


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  1. Chris Says:

    This is probably a better angle to see how I did it:

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