Here’s a quick video with sound, of the Elation motor working  just so you can get an idea of how it works and how loud it sounds. Compare it to the ticking freewheel at the end of the video to get an idea of the volume.

Note that despite the spinning pedals you don’t need to pedal when the motor is on.

One little thing with the Elation it that backing up your bike is a little more difficult as it works against the motor. Although it kind of works like a parking brake if you use a single kickstand.


2 Responses to “Noise”

  1. richdirector Says:

    Mmmm noisier than I thought – but then again I guess i have never thought about the noise. How does this compare with an EZ hub motor (front wheel)

    • keller74 Says:

      The noise it makes in my shed is a lot louder than in the real world. I have been meaning to stick my Sound Level Meter on it but then without a reference that doesn’t help much either.

      Motors with internal planetary gearing are noisier (but more torquey) than the virtually silent non geared hubs.

      The Elation It is certainly noisier than my geared hub motor, but even hubs vary in noise levels; I’ve had 2 hubs which were different volumes. But really this is just nitpicking, in busy traffic I can’t hear the Elation at all and at 25kph the wind in my ears is a lot louder than the motor.

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