Passenger handlebars on the mundo are not really stoker bars just some thing for passengers to hang on to. It’s not like they are pedaling or leaning on the bars like a true stoker would be. So I don’t think the position and height is too important.

This may seem like an easy thing to do but I spent a long time on the net zooming in on pictures of other installs to get the details of how to do this on the cheap. I couldn’t find anywhere which explained how to do this  in detail hence the following.

The principal of stoker bars on the Mundo is easy, attach some handlebars to the seatpost. I considered proper stoker bar stems but they are not easy to source (in aust anyway ) and they are about $60 to $100 not counting the bars. Yuba have a kit with bars and grips for $49US which looks Ok but I wanted a cheaper solution and the one I came up with is about as cheap as it gets.

I used an “ahead” type bike stem which suits handle bars of 31.8mm (same as the Mundo seatpost), and a steerer clamp of 1 1/8 inch; that way I could reverse the stem using the handlebar clamp on the seat and the steerer clamp to hold the handlebars. Most stems come with some degree of “rise”, usually 6 deg or so, and of course if you reverse the stem this rise will turn into a sideways offset. So you need either an adjustable stem which you adjust to 0 deg or just get a 0 deg stem, which is what I used. These are not as easy to find as riser types but they are available.

Ritchey do an adjustable stem for about $20-30 on but I just got a very cheap ($6-!) Answer AtacPro 0 deg, 120mm stem (also from Jensen). I also needed a shim for my handlebars, but this depends on what bars you use.

The bars I used were cruiser/riser type (again cheap Dimension brand about $15) but I think they were too wide and I cut them down to avoid taking out pedestrians! I made them slightly narrower than the side loaders.

120mm Stem just fits without fouling the rear carrier.

Total cost all new parts (excepts grips) about $25- and looks like a bought one.


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8 Responses to “Stoked”

  1. Dave Proctor Says:

    Klein used to use a proprietary 31.8mm steerer tube on their mountain bikes, and I was able to find one at a used parts co-op for a few dollars. Another cheap way to go if you can find the part.

  2. John Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I was trying to find a 31.8- which is used on BMX- but all very short. Jenson here I come……Although I don’t see the right shim on their website…………

    • keller74 Says:

      Gday John, I got my shim from these guys but not much good unless your in Australia. It was a “Ritchey Headstem Sleeve 25.4mm to 28.6mm”. You should be able to get it or something similar from somewhere. Or can you just get a 1 1/8” handle bars?

      • John Robertson Says:

        I am sure I can acquire something locally. I am just building up a V3… fun- although staying with Vee brakes for the moment.
        The Jenson solution will be about half the price of the Yuba Hold-on- and looks great. My shout next time your in Canada.

  3. John Robertson Says:

    Oh- One more question- off topic I suppose- have you thought about a front rack for your Mundo? I like the look of the bread rack that Yuba may offer- Ben reports that they had problems with the vendor and are switching vendors- no ETA yet.
    Also, I have been in touch with Val Klietz at Rolling Jackass- he should be coming out with a V3 centrestand soon. Very pricey, but I may go for it with all of the money I am saving on petrol!

  4. Mark Stosberg Says:

    As another Mundo owner consider stoker bars– I appreciate the information!

    We enjoyed taking ours camping this weekend– hauling 2 kinds plus 60 lbs of camping gear:

    Electric Yuba Mundo camping -- on the road

  5. Jay T Says:

    This post is very helpful. I was looking to do this myself and i found the information needed here.
    Another affordable stem with 31.8” diameter is the HellBent expert or prolite series. You can find them on the *Bay.

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