Elation 3

I had a small issue with the eLation kit. The motor chain suddenly came of for no good reason and I had great difficulty adjusting the front derailler.

In the end it was the eLation crank and freewheel clutch which had come loose. It is “force fit” with a key (pressed in piece of metal) and backed up with locktight. Anyway mine came loose but I shipped it back to Queensland and had it back on the bike (with some free lights!) within a week.

Couldn’t really ask for better customer service. Thanks Allan!

I tried to fit a spare crank without a motor while it was away but it seems there are 2 standards with the square taper crank, and my spare crank lined up at 90 degrees to the other! Bikes are a constant learning process.


2 Responses to “Elation 3”

  1. Jam Says:

    I enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve been riding around the inner west on my Kona Ute with an ezee motor since January. It’s goes pretty good with my two kids on the back. I would love to see the yuba in the flesh!
    Happy cargo riding,

    • keller74 Says:

      Hey Jam great to hear of another local cargo biker. I’m mainly in the inner city Glebe Balmain etc. I’m yet to see another cargo bike let alone a an electric one in Sydney. Our time will come! Enjoy.

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