I was heading out yesterday to take my boy to footy training (Aussie rules footy BTW, a bit like gaelic football with an oval ball I had my 3 yo on the back and was powering up my driveway when the chain broke (bike chain not electric drive chain).

It looks like a side plate has come loose same as happened previously. (is this the normal way for bike chains to fail?). I’m now not sure if it is me not joining the chain correctly or just that this SRAM chain is not up to the job. I think I’ll repair it and mark the links that I join so I can check it if it happens again.

I am a slow learner on predicting upcoming problems with my bike. On my previous bike I listened to the rear wheel making clicking noises for weeks then was surprised when I broke some spokes!

This time the gears have been “autoshifting” for the past few days.  I thought this was because of poor dérailleur adjustment but was more likely the chain starting to fail.

We live and learn.


One Response to “Chain”

  1. spirov92 Says:

    This happened last time I joined my chain poorly, but I’ve also seen it happen to a brand new expensive chain joined properly.

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