I’m still having the odd problem with the Mundo (mainly with the brakes again!) but i’ve started to work on my old Greenewheels bike mainly for my wife to ride but also as a backup for the days when for one reason or another the Mundo is out of action.


The main thing needed is a new battery, and I’ve ordered a 36v 15AH LiFe from who has a good reputation.

The old battery was compact (36v 10AH) and in a purpose built case (it has been donated to another needy greenewheels rider – thanks for the beers!). The new one is bigger but from my measurements should just fit in the same space, with some modifications, but I won’t know for sure until it arrives.  If it doesn’t fit I’ll  just put it on a rear rack but I would like to keep that clear for a child seat if possible.

Also a battery locking plate will need to be removed.


I’ll need to move the controller electronics to the top of the seat post so the battery can sit low enough to fit. I will just get a medium sized under seat bag to put this in, Anyway I wont miss jamming the controller and wiring into the triangular box, not alot of fun!.

I have already replaced the original controller with one that is sensorless. This means it works without the small hall effect sensors in the motor telling it when to apply power.  The motor makes a brief knocking sound on taking off but otherwise it’s just like the old one.

I needed this as the original motors hall effect sensor wiring melted into a horrible mess! The wiring was cheap and used cheap looking heatshrink laid right on top of the motor coils so it was not surprising it melted (esp under the loads I subjected the poor bike to).

Disc Brakes

Yes I know, I know I am a sucker for punishment, but I’ve got all these lovely BB7 brakes left over from my Mundo adventure and i just couldn’t let them go to waste. The front is easy anyway and the disc mount tabs on the fork are great (better than the Mundo, ie the correct thickness). I think I’ll leave the Vs on the back for the moment as it will need some kind of threaded adapter for the disc to mount on the hub motor.

I did need to get a new wheel for the front and I am just using a cheap “joytech” brand hub from Morouya Bicycles.  The bearings on this seem a bit primitive but no worse than the ones i’m removing.

I’ll start with the big 203mm disc and see how it goes.


My wife insists I change the handlebars to more swept back crusier style. No problem I thought, but of course now all the brake cables and wiring is too short…. Oh well I need new cable for the front disc anyway and all the wiring needs rerouting because i’m moving the controller.

Note to self..remove cable inner before cutting outer sheath to size …opps.

The cheapish stem seems to not be gripping the handlebars too well so a new stem might be in order at some point.

All done and looks neat as i reused the curly plastic tape which was covering all the wiring.

Now I’ve just got to wait for the battery, try and fashion some kind of case or mounting system then remember which wires plug where and i’m in business!


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