For the mundo rider who has everything, a colour matching Jellibell! Look good and sound friendly!

And get that tight rear end you have always wanted with these little beauties! 25mm furniture endcaps. Available from your local hardware store now! (warning end caps may cause rear end fluid retention leading to premature rustification).

…and for the nature lover why not go troppo with this great garden setting for your Yuba Mundo! (children not included)



7 Responses to “Accessorize!”

  1. Mr colostomy Says:

    I am surprised at how different the rear end of the V3 is to mine. I have been thinking about clamping a bar between the two sideloaders behind the back wheel so that I can attach a QR front hub to it. I have been towing bikes with the Yuba quite a bit and this seems like a slightly more elegant solution than bungee cording the front wheel into a sideloader. It looks like my idea might be slightly easier to implement on a V3 though.

    • keller74 Says:

      Yeah towing a bike is great on the yuba and your solution would likely work well! I’ve been using the Yuba pannier bag and just putting the front wheel of my boys bike in there, it tows pretty good for a few ks anyway.

  2. Don Says:

    Beautiful bike (and kids!)

    I’ve been hauling my kids up a steep hill in the Seattle area on my Rans Hammer Truck cargo bike with a BionX motor. The motor is essential to make it a realistic daily option with these loads and this terrain.

    You can see a video of the bike in operation at

    If you’re interested in my experiences with this bike, I also write a blog at

    For my family, it’s an economical, environmental, and fun alternative to a second car.

  3. Yubaboy Says:


    I have been in bed with a cold, which has given me a bit of time to think.
    I wonder if your front brake shudder is comming from the the axle.
    If you have a standard 9mm mtb QR hub axle up front it may be a bit sloppy and move/flex in the 10mm Yuba Mundo hole. These are the numbers in my head, and I am in bed with a fever so you may want to check this theory.
    I popped a QR wheel in the fork on my Yuba for my last blog post to hold the bike up and noticed that there was not an exact fit. I think Yuba use a 10mm BMX axle…
    Err, (disclaimer) if this is the case you might want to review riding like this or ask someone who knows what they are doing in case there is a chance of the front wheel leaving the Yuba at speed on the road, or during breaking.

    This could be the reason why we don’t see any Yubas with the stock forks and disc brakes. 10mm axle hubs are not that common.

    Right I’ll get back to the sweating now, feel free to check out my theory and keep us posted !



  4. keller74 Says:

    Having had a read of your last blog post I’m sure your right about the size differences in the front fork vs the front wheel I’m using. I guess this could contribute to my front fork shudder but I have my quick release so tight I am in pain after installing the front wheel. I still suspect the combination of the excessively large disc rotor and the Yuba fork. I can see it flexing back and forth when it shudders.

    Either way a solution to both problems will be a new front fork which I’m still researching. I kind of like the idea of some front suspension too.

    Hope you’ve recovered!

  5. John Says:

    I have been thinking about your shudder as well. In my experience as a mechanic any vibe or shudder was related to rotating parts. Thats not to say that your fork shouldn’t do a better job of dampening the vibe- in fact in may even have a harmonic that accelerates it. I don’t think it would be dropout related either. Either the hub or disc I would think. Have you tried popping that wheel and disc onto another bike? If you could find someone with the same diameter front disc you could swap and see if the shudder followed the wheel? Maybe you tried this and wrote it up already and I am just coming in halfway through the movie!

  6. keller74 Says:

    Thanks for the suggestion re swapping out the front wheel. I guess I hoped as I paid an arm and a leg for my wheel set it wouldn’t suffer such problems but you never can tell. The shudder only happens at slower speed (thank god it doesn’t shudder at 50ks screaming down a hill!) so it might be some combo of fork, brake and wheel building up some harmonic at a certain speed.

    It so happens I have put the same front brake on my other electric bike and can very simply swap the wheels over to see if it improves things. I’ll get on to it soon (currently recovering from a non biking induced broken foot) and post the result.

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