So I’ve broken my foot. I’m not good at being unwell, I moan alot and tend to limp around the house with a pained expression while of course attracting little sympathy from the family (not true really my 7yo boy has been very caring really).

No I didn’t come off my bike, no it wasn’t that dangerous downhill skateboarding thing I sometimes do. I was switching off a light and just took a bad step…such is life.

With the greenewheels bike I’ve not mounted the battery in the original location yet, although I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to, I’ve got it sitting in a rear basket to test the whole thing before I go to the trouble of making a more permanent solution.

The Ping battery will physically just fit in the space where the original was so in order to make a casing for it out of plywood I need to be millimetre perfect in it’s construction or it will foul either the rear wheel or the cranks. My first attempt at cutting out the wood just didn’t fit so I’ll have another go making the box a little bigger and slowly reduce it’s size until it fits perfectly.

So I’ve got the Greenewheels going with it’s new battery and even with a broken foot it is the best way to get to work as I can ride right up to the front door (it’s walking that is difficult!).

The handlebar change and front disc fitting was very easy really and the brakes are great, strong reliable (no shudder!) and work well even with the pretty average original electric cutout brake levers. The bike is again pretty much the same as it was when I was riding it last year but I have disconnected the primitive pedal sensor setup. It took too long to come on, too long to turn off again and added too much power when I didn’t want or need it.

I have really been able to appreciate this lighter and faster ebike this week or so. I’m convinced the new controller makes the bike much torquer but it’s been a while since I rode it in original configuration so it’s hard to remember. Top speed without pedaling feels basically the same (28-29ks) but I’ll need a speedo before I can be definitive.

Riding this style of bike with the whisper quiet hub motor makes me realise that my “eLated Mundo” is really a bike for the enthusiast. More pedaling, more gear changing and more noise. My wife for example is an Ok bike rider but she has just not been able to come to terms with riding the heavier, longer, more gearchangier Mundo. I think for your average non cycling person the hub motor style bike is a compelling ride and makes a strong case for the ebike in general. Now all we need is reliability, good aftersales backup and reasonable cost and these things will be everywhere!


4 Responses to “Foot”

  1. Jim Says:

    Ouch !

    Tale care and get well soon.


  2. Megan Says:

    😦 sorry to hear that you broke your foot. Get well soon.


  3. Mark Says:

    That boot looks like part of a stormtrouper costume! Sorry to hear about your foot, my wife did something similar recently, just going up a single step at home.

    Glad to hear you’ve got your greenewheels back on the road, and that it is going well with your new controller. Thought about getting a sensorless controller like yours recently, as one of my hall sensors in the motor decided to give up the ghost last friday on the way to the dentist at lunchtime..

    So my Bafang motor lasted 2700km before failing, which was better than the 13Ah greenewheels battery, which only lasted about half that before the BMS fried itself, thanks to you I managed to fix that with the BMS in your your dud GW battery with the cactus cells. Thanks again for that and the spare charger, it’s coming in very handy.

    In any case ordered some honeywell SS411 hall effect sensors from Farnell and some 1.6mm heatshrink, on monday morning, arrived at work tuesday morning. farnell have free shipping for any order(might be sydney only), which is amazing as the two sensors and the heatshrink only added up to about $10 which is the min credit card limit.

    Did the open heart surgery on the Bafang last night and hey presto, it’s working fine again. The original hall sensors don’t appear to be any good, as seems to be a common failure if you look at the endless sphere forums.

    Have also just taken delivery of a whole stack of upgrade parts from ChainReactionCycles from the UK, so cheap with the strong dollar. Got a new disc only Halo Freedom Disc 26 front wheel, a shimano XT M775 hydraulic brake and 160 rotor, plus new wider Easton bars and stem, (original bars a bit narrow for me at 585mm new ones 684mm) plus some continental city contact 1.75 tyres. Also have recently upgraded the extremely woeful original bottom bracket to a shimano cartridge one and some new campy cranks and 53T chainwheel, and new 13 to 34T freewheel cluster, (original 14 to 28T) so pedalling is much nicer and easier to cruise at low cadence, plus can spin to 55km/h down the hills on the way home from work each day.

    The new headlight I put on the beast is amazing as well, It’s a VisionX Solstice Solo S1102 15° beam, 50,000hr 10W LED, 900 lumens, as powerful as a 100W halogen, runs from 9 to 50v so a perfect fit for the 36 to 42V of the onboard power.

    So these bikes are great but only if you are willing and able to patch up, repair and modify due to quality issues. I would not recommend them to anyone who is not a DIY type. I note that Shimano are releasing electric bike kit in the 4th quarter this year, ‘Shimano Steps’ it’s called, no doubt will be more reliable than this gear.

  4. Mr colostomy Says:

    I hope your recovery is going well. I’d be surprised if you hadn’t modified a bike to run with one leg, using cleats or something by now. Or maybe an SPD storm-trooper boot.

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