Ebike bling

My foot is almost fully recovered now and thanks to everyone for their good wishes.

I’m back on the mundo and really enjoying some early spring weather cruising around Sydney. The Mundo is great to ride again. It really is just as good a ride as my other hub motor bike even with the extra weight. I broke another chain and in the process snapped my derailleur but I think I’ve finally worked out what I was doing wrong with the chain joining thing.

I have recently got some great pics from a fellow ebiker, Mark, with a greenwheels, very bling. These picture just go to show how these bikes can make efficient and stylish transport if your willing to keep them maintained and update the more dodgey parts. Here’s the pics of his bike

Below is my greenewheels with a new ping 15ah battery in the rear basket. It is working great and while it seems to feel a little torquer on takeoff it has the same or a little lower top speed (28kph on the flat no pedaling) as with the previous battery and controller. Now I just need the motivation and time to mount the battery more permanently so I can give my wife back her makeup travel bag!

I’m also going to repost a response Mark gave me to a previous post as I’m sure there are others out there with these greenewheels bikes who want some help in keeping them going

“..So my Bafang motor lasted 2700km before failing, which was better than the 13Ah greenewheels battery, which only lasted about half that before the BMS fried itself, thanks to you I managed to fix that with the BMS in your your dud GW battery with the cactus cells. Thanks again for that and the spare charger, it’s coming in very handy.

In any case ordered some honeywell SS411 hall effect sensors from Farnell and some 1.6mm heatshrink, on monday morning, arrived at work tuesday morning. farnell have free shipping for any order(might be sydney only), which is amazing as the two sensors and the heatshrink only added up to about $10 which is the min credit card limit.

Did the open heart surgery on the Bafang last night and hey presto, it’s working fine again. The original hall sensors don’t appear to be any good, as seems to be a common failure if you look at the endless sphere forums.

Have also just taken delivery of a whole stack of upgrade parts from ChainReactionCycles from the UK, so cheap with the strong dollar. Got a new disc only Halo Freedom Disc 26 front wheel, a shimano XT M775 hydraulic brake and 160 rotor, plus new wider Easton bars and stem, (original bars a bit narrow for me at 585mm new ones 684mm) plus some continental city contact 1.75 tyres. Also have recently upgraded the extremely woeful original bottom bracket to a shimano cartridge one and some new campy cranks and 53T chainwheel, and new 13 to 34T freewheel cluster, (original 14 to 28T) so pedalling is much nicer and easier to cruise at low cadence, plus can spin to 55km/h down the hills on the way home from work each day.

The new headlight I put on the beast is amazing as well, It’s a VisionX Solstice Solo S1102 15° beam, 50,000hr 10W LED, 900 lumens, as powerful as a 100W halogen, runs from 9 to 50v so a perfect fit for the 36 to 42V of the onboard power.

So these bikes are great but only if you are willing and able to patch up, repair and modify due to quality issues. I would not recommend them to anyone who is not a DIY type. I note that Shimano are releasing electric bike kit in the 4th quarter this year, ‘Shimano Steps’ it’s called, no doubt will be more reliable than this gear.”


3 Responses to “Ebike bling”

  1. Mark Hanna Says:

    Hi Keller74,

    Mark here again, was wondering how you went mounting that Ping 36v 15Ah battery on to your Greenewheels bike?

    Looks like I may have to do the same shortly, my 13Ah battery has died in the same way yours did, probably a bad cell, lasted about 200 charges or $3.50 per charge..

    Also looks like Joe from Greenewheels is no longer operating, has not sold anything in many months. I don’t think the greenewheels lithium ion manganese batteries are very good anyway, and LiFePo4 like Pings range are likely to last longer and be a better investment than the original battery, as well as being a safer cathode chemistry.

    In any case, Merry Christmas to all on this blog!


    • keller74 Says:

      Hey Mark,

      Nice to hear your still keeping that old greenewheels going! I think you got a little more out of your battery than I did. I did get the ping battery mounted in the original spot about 2 weeks ago. I will put up a post and some pics sooner or later but the quick version is that it does fit but I wouldn’t do it again. The main problem is that the standard 15AH ping is wider and you need all of the original bottom bracket width to get it to fit (i’m mindful that you have replaced you bottom bracket with a narrower one). It also just fits under the seat stays (if that is what they are called) but is is such a tight fit that I have yet to seal the top of the box I built (I’ll use some kind of fabric I think). Lastly all the wiring is messy and i don’t have enough left over room in the box to mount plugs etc and I just have wiring, charger cable etc coming out of the top. Oh yeah I’m also shopping for lower profile tyres because the rear wheel only just (by about 1mm!) clear the new box.

      I really wanted to do this so I could keep the back rack free for a child seat but mounting your battery there would be much less hastle. One of those little black topeak bags or something on a rear rack would likely be ideal.

      Another option would be the 10 Amp hour version which is much less tall (but still just as wide) or to have Ping Battery make a 15AH battery in a different shape. I have heard of others having batteries built in 2 parts for example. You might be able to get a taller but narrower shape. But keep in mind I needed the room above the battery for a saddle bag which I keep the controller in.

      Regarding the ping battery itself it seems really good. I ride from Glebe to Randwick and back not sparing the motor and I never even see the red light go out, so this 15AH battery is likely overkill for me. The “free” charger is not worth the price, it uses some mad coaxial wiring which breaks if you stare at it too hard, spring for the upgraded charger would be my advice or mod you existing ones to suit (not sure if they will suit the different chemistry battery?).

      That should give you plenty to think about for now! Have a great Chrissie and New Year and let me know if you have any other queries.

  2. Mark Says:

    Thanks for the response and all the tips Mark, some great information in there for me. Glad to hear you’ve got that battery mounted but looking at the available space on mine, as you say would have been very very difficult and certainly not enough space for me to fit a standard Ping with my 123mm axle bottom bracket.

    Have since been trying to make a good battery by putting some good cells from mine into your old battery, despite being larger units, 10 cells in each, similar to a cigarette box in size with my 14Ah ones about 10 mm taller. This wil give me balancing problems, however if I leave on the charger after finishing charge, should balance them, as from measuring the charger temp post charge, I think this is how this setup does it’s balancing, although I could be mistaken, but does seem to sit at 35° if balancing is required rather than about 30° if not.

    Also have noticed that your BMS might be badly designed or defective with individual cell voltage monitoring and subsequent cutoff. My BMS (which I got working again with a new FET) seems to work in this regard but your one seems to allow the cells to crash down to below 1V which is very bad for the cells, and I think the reason why your battery died early, and possibly why mine is sick as well. After a lot of load testing, looks like 5 of the cells in your old battery are cactus, and three in mine.

    Originally started trying to make a good one by swapping my cells into your old battery, but sue to the number of dead cells turning up, have decided to go the other way, and put mine back together and grab good cells from your old one to replace the three bad ones in mine… Time consuming stuff! But may have this together this week for testing, but don’t expect it to last long if it does work, so on the long journey to find a battery that I can mount under the seat in the battery space, as woudl much prefer it to be there.

    Seems that no LiFePo4 with enough Ah will go in there, only these Lithium ion manganese or Lithium Ion Manganese Cobalt Nickel. The original greenewheels ones are one of these. These are less stable/not as safe as LiFePo4 unfortunately and not as reliable or long lived. Will try and contact Ping to see if he can make me one that will fit, the size may be limited by that 150mm dimension however if the cell pouches are 150mm long.

    Very keen to get on the road again, am missing the ride to work very much, stuck in traffic again at a lower average speed in my car at present with the odd day on the naturally aspirated pushy if I can be bothered with organising shirts/pants/shoes/socks/underwear and showers for the other end…

    Hopefully your ping give you better service than the GW battery and for some years to come, they are supposed to be good for 1000/1500/2000 cycles.

    BTW my whole tale about the failure is posted here http://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=23229

    It’s more a blog than a forum as I’m the main one making comments..

    Have a great Chrissie and New Year as well and make sure to enjoy the ebiking over the holiday!

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