I have finally basically completed my Ping Battery mount box in the original position and while it does work I probably wouldn’t do it again and it was not an easy process (BTW lots of the following is a repost from comments made in a previous post).

Heres the box I made for the ping battery. It’s made of plywood (3 or 4 mm) and painted black. It’s quite an odd shape and needed lots of little adjustments with my belt sander to get it to fit Ok.

The standard 15AH 36volt ping is wide and I needed all of the original bottom bracket width to get it to fit. The original greenewheels bottom bracket is ok but it is a primitive affair and if you want a better bottom bracket it could be a problem. The battery also just fits under the seat stays (if that is what they are called) but is is such a tight fit that I have yet to seal the top of the box I built (I’ll use some kind of fabric I think). Lastly all the wiring is messy and i don’t have enough left over room in the box to mount plugs etc and I just have wiring, charger cable etc coming out of the top. Oh yeah I’m also shopping for lower profile tyres because the rear wheel only just (by about 1mm!) clears the new box.

I really wanted to do this so I could keep the back rack free for a child seat but mounting your battery there would be much less hastle. One of those little black topeak bags or something on a rear rack would likely be ideal.

Another option would be the 10 Amp hour version which is much less tall (but still just as wide) or to have Ping Battery make a 15AH battery in a different shape. I have heard of others having batteries built in 2 parts for example. You might be able to get a taller but narrower shape. But keep in mind I needed the room above the battery for a saddle bag which I keep the controller in.

Regarding the ping battery itself it seems really good. I ride from Glebe to Randwick and back not sparing the motor and I never even see the green light go out, so this 15AH battery is likely overkill for me. The “free” charger is not worth the price, it uses some mad coaxial wiring which breaks if you stare at it too hard, spring for the upgraded charger would be my advice.

On the bright side it is all working and mobile and still a pleasure to ride. And an essential backup for my Yuba when it is off the road.



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  1. Mark Says:

    Hi there,

    Looks like a square peg in a round hole type of job, would not have been easy! But at least it’s in there now, and is a LiFePO4, they are so safe and number of charging cycles is unmatched, should be good for a couple of thousand charges, especially considering the fact that you are not using much of it’s capacity.

    I did write to Ping to see if he could make me one that would fit in the battery space better, to accomodate my narrower shimano bottom bracket. He was most helpful, and wrote back with this:

    [Yes, we can make it in different size. We can make the 36v10ah pack in size of 300x105x80mm. Is it suitable?

    Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Best regards,

    Ping ]

    He later wrote that ther ewas no extra charge to have a battery made to a different shape, and could be ready in 1 week, pretty good service!

    I didn’t end up going for this option however, as a bit pressed for time at the moment and wanted to buy a pack already in a box that I could fit easily to my greenewheels.

    Sent an e-mail to Joe from greenewheels, but he never responded, I think he has gone into hiding regarding greenewheels bikes, nothing for sale for almost a year on his ebay store.

    His batteries were very expensive anyway, and from my experience, pretty ordinary, mine only lasted 200 charges. I think the BMS balancing or low voltage cutout was not designed properly or faulty causing premature failure. From what I know I think these were LiMn204 chemistry. Safer than LiCO but can still self combust if you overcharge or heat them enough, unlike the LiFePO4.

    I ended up going for a battery from a seller called conhismotor, similar to this:

    The weight of 7kg in the specs is wrong as confirmed by another guy on the endless sphere forums. Even this 20Ah model is likely not more than 5kg.

    Mine was a 12Ah 36v version. Because the cell voltages are the same for this and the old greenewheels battery, (4.2v charging voltage)I can use the same chargers which is handy, not the case with the ping battery, he said I needed one that had a 45V output, these ones (and greenewheels) are 41.9v.

    The new battery was an easy fit, I just had to fit the new battery mount slide to the old plastic one with some spacer washers and it was good to go, apart from swapping the polarity of the deans connector for power out to the bilke, as the polarity was reversed. If I had just plugged it in, the controller and maybe BMS in the battery would have gone pop. BMS very hard to get to as wrapped up with the cells in the pack inside.

    I don’t know what chemistry this battery of mine is, but it is super light, and is definitely LiPolymer cell construction. The whole battery and case is less than 3kg, about 1.5kg lighter than my old GW 13Ah battery.

    The seller originally listed it as LiFePO4 but I knew this could not be due to size and weight. It’s lighter than LiMn204, so I don’t think it is that, although after some prodding by another endless sphere poster, conhismotor changed listings to read LiMn204. Personally I think it might be a LiCoMnNi (Lithium Ion Cobalt Manganese Nickel) a new type being made in china that is supposedly safer than previous LiPo versions. There are some labelled as such on the site that look to be similar weight and capacity.

    If you are interested in a long, probably somewhat monotonous discussion about this, you can have a look here:
    Have only ridden a few 24km return trips to work on this new battery, but appears to perform very well. Hope it’s not LiCobalt, as these can be pretty dangerous if you have a charger/BMS failure, crash or cell overtemp.

    Happy e-biking for 2011 everyone!

  2. zog blog mk II » Blog Archive » opening up the greenewheels 36V 10AH battery pack Says:

    […] option is to get a 36V 10AH pack from Ping. The one listed is too square, but this blog post indicates these packs work perfectly with the greenewheelsbike, and the comment indicates Ping will pack the […]

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