I am starting a new blog about the new build here sereneebike I will still keep blogging here about my Yuba Mundo as I have anything new to report.

So the old greenewheels seems like it has gone for good.I was hoping to get back some bit or something, I didn’t even have a serial number or anything from the bike, I think I will be engraving my phone number or something on my bikes from now on, or at least keeping a record of the serial number. Anyway time for a replacement.

We were really happy to spend up on a nice bike if required but really it has not been an easy process finding a bike to tick all the boxes.

1- Step through frame
2- Front Suspension
3- Electric Assist or able to be upgraded/fitted with a kit.
4 -Under $2000-
5 -Able to have all components repaired or replaced by me.

There are womens bikes out there with step through and front suspension but they are not easy to find or they have paint jobs and decals which just put my wife right off them. At the moment it seems like women have a choice of a retro type ladies step through (no suspension, and usually at most 3 gears) or some type of low step over mountain bike. Practical well equiped city bikes for women seem hard to find.

Some friends have an electrified Gazelle and really this is the ultimate purchase for someone wanting a plug and play ebike option. The built in features and integration are superb. But it is not a cheap option at over $2500- and I guess as I saw so many things go wrong with my greenewheels over time I just wanted stuff I knew I could fix or replace myself.

I guess we could go the cheap ebay ebike route again and just be prerpared to upgrade, if the price was right this might not be too bad an option.

Anyway surprisingly in the end we went to Big W and found a bike with everything we needed for under $300. The Diamondback Serene. Sure it is a cheap bike with cheap components but it is all upgradable and should take a low powered legal electric kit fine.

– Surprisingly light, I’ve not weighed it but it couldnt be more than 14 or 15 Kgs.
– 50mm travel front suspension, fine for on road city type riding, Suspension seat post.
-700c wheels
– Full Mudguards, metal and therefore more likely to get damaged/bent but sturdy enough.
-Vbrakes, many womens bikes seem to only come with callipers, no disc brakes bosses though, might be able to use a roller brake as a kind of low maintenance upgrade.
– included rear carrier, looks to be made of sturdy steel.
– centre stand, best for heavy ebikes, I would have fit a plescher which has proved itself indestructible on my Yuba Mundo but we will stick with this for now.
– 7 speed shimano rear freewheel style gears, no front gears, plenty of range for an ebike, might change to hub gears eventually.
-cartridge bottom bracket

– front battery mounting options a bit limited with the stepthrough frame.
– quill stem instead of ahead style.
– unknown quality of parts, wheel bearings etc, time will tell.
– Other than this I’m struggling to work out what is wrong with this bike.
– front alloy fork not ideal for mounting motor.

So now to find a nice low powered Aussie Legal Electric kit.


2 Responses to “Serene”

  1. Gal Says:

    Hi Mark,
    have just seen your entry on endless sphere about brake sensor.But i’m too lazy to set up account for an answer.I am going through the same process at the moment.Found this on a German website – quite neat.

    Blue is signal,yellow is GND red is for 5V which you can piggy bag from throttle or PAS.So your hunch was right.
    Happy building.regards from German gal residing in Australia

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