I’m a father of 2 boys living in the inner city of Sydney Australia and love cars, I’ve got 3! But I am really sick of driving them 3 or 4 kms in peak hour traffic.

Bikes have got to be part of the solution.


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  1. nick Says:

    Kia ora mate,

    I’m Nick, an expat living in Dunedin, New Zealand, and have embarked on the Yuba Mundo journey myself. Stoked! I’ve got a myriad of questions, and asking someone who’s using one is best. Reckon you could help me out?



    • keller74 Says:

      Nick, You bet mate ask away! thats what I’m here for. First question is do you really want to go with a Mundo and it’s limitation, goodle Madsen Cargo bike if you haven’t already, that thing looks like a nice ready made solution.

  2. Triton Mole Says:


    Great bike, the Mundo! I bought one a view weeks ago. A blue Mundo V1 (from 2008).
    I love that bike and I don’t want to use my old bike anymore. The old one is a good bike too, but not that comfortable by far.

    But the assambly of the bike gave me a few headaches too.

    You may read about it at http://yuba-mundo.blogspot.com.
    But it is written in german.

  3. A72 Says:

    Hey great blog, I have just finished the build of a V2 YUBA, our goal has been to carry our kids around, to this end we have installed a stokemonkey electric assist. The motor part has been fairly straightforward but we have had a litany of issues that have culminated in an entirely new drive train, brake system and new wheels/tyres. To Yuba’s credit they have been very responsive to my issues and I am pleased with their feedback. Nevertheless, we embarked upon this project last July and only in the last week do I feel sufficiently confident to start commuting with the kids.

    I laud your efforts to blog this, its a excellent thing you have done, in fact in a perverse way its heartening to know others are struggling with some of the same issues. At the moment, we have a V3 Yuba on the way and I have already been thinking a lot about the disk brake issues – so I eagerly read your posts on this- thanks.

    Keep up the good work

    • keller74 Says:

      Thanks for the comments Andrew. Another Yuba in Australia! I rarely see another electric bike, and only ever one other cargo bike. Our time will come. The interest I get riding my bike around getting insane! It is amazing the number of questions I get form other bike riders while moving along at 25ks.

      • keller74 Says:

        BTW – I thought my build took a long time. Almost 9 months must be frustrating. Still having a long build time can have it’s advantages. My 3yo is now almost 4 and he has grown so much recently I didn’t have to bother with building him footpegs anymore!

  4. A72 Says:

    Far too long….

    Currently my 3 year olds sit in two bike seats mounted on the back rack, which they love. Regards feedback, we also have received lots of positive feedback – which gratifying, given the effort that has gone in the bike. Seriously, I am very encourage at the number of new electric motors and cargo bikes starting to become available in Australia. Perhaps its time to start lobbying state governments to start bring their laws on electric assist into the 21st century e.g. a weight vs Wattage approach?

  5. Triton Mole Says:


    Could you be so kind, to tell us about the weight of your mundo?
    The bare mundo without the electric drive.

    Yesterday I checked mine and was shocked! It has 34 KG (75 lb)!
    From the feeling of driving I never thought it would that heavy!
    It is a V1 with 18-Speed-Option, mundguards and generator-powered light.

    Thanks in advance for answer.


    • keller74 Says:

      I’ve not had a chance to weigh the bike yet although I plan to at some point. I would recon it would have to be a touch over 30kgs. I used light compenents when I could ( ie the wheels) but then whet and put about 9kgs of motor and battery onboard, so I might even outweigh your older model.

  6. lu Says:

    Hi there,

    the elation kit is basically very similar to the cyclone.tw kit and cAN be mounted also in a different spot behind the pedals since the bottow stay is so nice an long.
    Works perfectly for me.

  7. Andrew Says:

    Hey there, just discovered your blog. I’m in Adelaide and I ride an orange Mundo v4 with a SolarBike front hub electric motor and disc brakes. Simple and effective setup. http://www.cargocycles.com.au/images/stories/blog/solar-yuba-mundo-o4.jpg

    My wife and I share it and we commute with our 4yo son. It gets ridden every day and we love it. There are a number of Mundos on Adelaide streets now, but not many electric ones. Electric makes all the difference, in our opinion. We can ride much further and faster than a non-electric one, making it a great everyday bike.

    • keller74 Says:

      Hey Andrew nice Mundo. I’m originally an Adelaidian also (been away for a while now). Nice and flat there so your hub motor is probably fine. I do like my through the gears system for hills, otherwise I think I would need an overpowered illegal hub to do a similar job. Everyone seem to get orange! And I thought I was being so original. I am thinking of getting my wife a Boda Boda as a commuter (thanks for the like to the Melbourne retailer). Her new bike is fine , but no passengers.

      • Andrew Says:

        Yeah, I was originally looking at a mid drive motor, to make use of the gearing, but the simplicity of the front hub won me over. As you say, though, flat helps.

        We also use a Boda Boda and rather like it. It’s much lighter than a Mundo and it’s shorter, so it’s great for zippy urban riding, albeit with an upright relaxed cruiser style..It’s probably better suited to many female riders, having such a low step through and being less unwieldy than a Mundo, which is a beast!

  8. Angie Bruce Says:

    Hi there, I was hoping you might have some ideas on replacement hand grips for the yuba mundo? My front ones are deteriorating at a great rate of knots and the kids ones have split altogether. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks so much,

  9. claremonti Says:

    Hi just wanted to let you know I’ve finally set up my yuba as I want it (takes a while sometimes to work that out!) and that I had a friend make my wheel guards based on yours (except that mine are metal not wood). Stoked at how they’ve turned out; a couple of bungee cords and I can cart anything (plus a couple of kids on top). Love my yuba!

    • keller74 Says:

      Hey Clare, I’m happy to see my old blog is still offering inspiration if not upto date information. My now old Yuba is still going strong but only one day a week when I need to transport my now almost 11 year olds cello. Suffice to say my older 14 yo no longer fits! Cargo bikes are a really great way to get around and have saved my family lots of money we would have put into a second car.

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